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General Information


Gangakhed Sugar & Energy Limited is an Integrated Cane Processing Plant (ICPP) located in the cane surplus district of Parbhani, Maharashtra.

The Company’s ICPP boasts of a cane crushing capacity of 6000 TCD with two roller mill technology which enables it to produce 30 MW of co-generation power plant as against an industry average of 24 MW. Its 30 MW co-generation plant with 110 ata Pressure boiler also utilizes surplus bagasse from nearby sugar mills, biomass and agro waste.

High End Technology

GSEL adopted energy optimizing devices to maximize surplus energy from bagasse. The by-products of the process, namely molasses and bagasse are used in distillery to manufacture ethanol and as fuel for the boilers of co-generation plant respectively. Ethanol Plant is a zero discharge plant having its own 1.8 MW co-generation plant.

Investments have also been made in upgrading existing technology to avail of benefits like lower steam consumption, reduced moisture content and improved quality. The company has installed a high pressure boiler enabling it produce 30 MW co-generation. Excess generated electricity is supplied to the grid.

Strong farmer relations

GSEL recognizes the importance of a strong relationship with its farmers. Efforts are made towards providing them with financial assistance, technological support, seeds, fertilizer and educating them about good breed of cane. This has resulted in acquiring more than 25,000 hectare of lands owned by the farmers, thus developing a trustworthy association with them.

The Company is proactive in investing in the local farming community. A drip irrigation program and an innovative satellite mapping system have been put in place to improve quality of the crop productivity. The Company has also made efforts to include the farmers as stakeholders of the Company; currently more than 10,000 farmers are stakeholders. Gangakhed’s efforts to continually strengthen its relationship with the farmers ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw material.