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Scanty Rain fall and Steps taken by GSEL


This is the third consecutive year of drought in Marathwada region in Maharashtra, each one more acute than the previous. The region normally receives around 780mm of rainfall during monsoon. The number has dwindled to 259mm this season. This is the worst drought in Marathwada’s history. The cumulative impact of 3 consecutive droughts along with untimely rain, hailstorm and this season’s dry run has ensured farmers are completely destitute.

To avoid the scarcity of water we tried to recover water present in sugar cane. We obtained it in the form of condensate having 95⁰C. The heat also utilized for heating the raw juice where we got the condensate temperature up to 55⁰C which is further treated and sent to cooling tower for further temperature drop and after cooling, we used this water for the process as well as for cooling tower as makeup water. Also this water has been used for gardening purpose. Almost 2000 CMD (cubic meter per day) excess condensate has been recovered. Due to this efforts we could bring down our water requirement from 4000 CMD to 1500 CMD.

Water Conservation: Started special movement of “GANGAKHED PATTERN JALASANDHARN BANDHARA” for enhancing the grounds for farming and also built up BANDHARA (or small dams for storage of water) in different Villages. We have built a total of 138 Cement Nala Bandhara (CNBs) covering an area of 650 hectares while also providing 198 drip sets to farmers across 2 villages.