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Social Impact

social impact

We organize a health checkup campaign on 12th August every year. This massive campaign is totally free of cost, with more than 8000 patients getting benefited.

-Securing our Culture: In all the cultural programs and festival that are organized, we provide free drinking water from our own tankers to all devotees and pilgrims.

-School a dream to come true: We organize “SAKHAR SHALA” at factory site every year, which is a new concept of providing School for children’s of Cane Harvesting workers so as to
maintain the consistency in their schooling and having high quality education.

-Special efforts have been taken to lay down the foundation stone as well as landscaping for the statue of the Great Indian idol Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar at Parli Railway Station,

-One step towards social reform: Organized Grand Celebration of Golden jubilee year of Saint Motiram Maharaj. On this occasion all the devotees, reformers, pilgrims of Parbhani district (Maharashtra) had been invited and honored by offering special memento.

-Social responsibility: Volunteer in contributing to the construction of various temples like Late Shri Saint Sopanakaka, Saint Janabai, etc. the great Saints of Maharashtra at Gangakhed. Also we provide food & meals every year to all devotees coming to various holy places.

-Providing own ambulance facility for emergency services to all needy and poor/common people of Gangakhed taluka and to the people of nearby approaching area. Also, providing own fire extinguisher vehicle for emergency services to all the disaster places.

Corporate Social Responsability

we have embraced social responsibility initiatives in the sphere of education, infrastructure, awareness generation, environment, health and safety.


Our activities in the field of education range from providing basic education facilities for children residing in the vicinity of our plant to imparting life skills which would ensure their holistic development. We have set up a primary school at our Plant site Shakarshala for providing education to children of cane harvesters, workers and villagers. We have also established an ITI institute and a Polytechnic college within a 25 km radius from our Plant to impart training and skills to the youth for gainful employment.


Gangakhed is committed to establishing the necessary infrastructure that foster community and economic development. Cognizant of the hardship faced by the farmers and the time lost due to the use of unpaved and kutcha roads, we have built roads to improve connectivity.

-Awareness Generation

An important initiative undertaken by the Company is spreading awareness on good agricultural practices among the farming community. Our awareness drive disseminate information about better farming techniques, various sugar cane breed, utilisation of better quality of seeds, innovative methods of irrigation and
new methods of cultivation that will enhance yield and crop quality as well as sugar recovery. This initiative consists of direct interactions with university scientists and agronomists from reputed agricultural universities. We conduct regular seminars in collaboration with various educational and technical institutes like the Vasant Dada
Sugar Institute. We also provide access to competitive and modern technologies. These initiatives enable farmers to get better value for their cultivations, thereby improving their living standards and that of their families.


Our commitment to the environment is reflected in aligning systems and process in our operations so as to create a positive environment impact. Environmentfriendly measures implemented include reduction in energy consumption, efficient water management
system and use of advanced technology to minimise waste.

-Health care

Our health care initiatives include both preventive as well as curative initiatives. We regularly hold eye check-up camps with the aid of qualified doctors and conduct blood donation drives for the betterment of medical care. We also conduct medical camps for detection and cure of cancer and other diseases. We have commissioned and operate an ambulance service in the Plant that provides medical assistance in emergency situations.


Workers’ safety is an inseparable part of our work practices and we hold regular training sessions and safety seminars to ensure that our workers and factory employees work within the boundary of personal safety.